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Welpack Industries Pvt. Ltd., your trusted manufacturer and supplier of versatile tarpaulin products and garbage bags. Our range of industrial tarpaulins is perfect for heavy-duty protection, while our camping tarpaulins and tent tarpaulin covers ensure a comfortable and dry outdoor experience. We provide boat cover tarpaulins and garden cover tarps to keep your equipment and plants safe from the elements. For emergencies, our emergency shelter tarps offer quick, reliable protection. Our commercial tarpaulins and temporary roof tarpaulins are ideal for various business needs, and our tarpaulin covers for houses and balconies provide excellent residential solutions. We also offer specialized tarps, including haystack tarps, equipment tarps, fire retardant tarpaulins, chemical resistant tarps, and military grade tarps. Our scaffolding tarpaulins and sports tarpaulins cater to construction and recreational activities, while our ground cover tarpaulins and picnic tarpaulins are perfect for outdoor events. For waste management, we offer a variety of garbage bags, including kitchen garbage bags, black garbage bags, garbage disposal bags, bin liners, odor control garbage bags, recyclable garbage bags, industrial garbage bags, green garbage bags, sustainable garbage bags, commercial grade garbage bags, medical garbage bags, construction garbage bags, household garbage bags, transparent garbage bags, and heavy-duty garbage bags. Explore our extensive selection to find the perfect solutions for all your covering and waste management needs.