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Compostable carry bags

Description of Compostable carry bag

Compostable material is manufactured using polylactic acid (PLA) which is derived from corn and sugar. This material does not comprise any plastic based material. Composability refers to when a material chain breaks down and starts decomposing by itself given the natural environment like Sunlight, Moisture and Soil which then later gets consumed by microbes and then the bio waste discharges in this procedure which acts as a natural fertilizer and hence helps conserve the fertility of the soil.

Compostable bags break down readily in a composting system through bacterial activity to form compost. These bags are compostable and non-toxic for the environment. Compostable carry bag converts to manure in 180 Days when it comes in contact with clay/ soil/ moisture and is totally harmless to the environment/ humans/ animals. These bags are additionally resistant to wear and tear apart from being eco-friendly.

Compostable carry bags Latest Price

Compostable carry bags Latest Price :
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Specifications of Compostable carry bags

Product Name Compostable carry bag
Category Carry Bags
Material Corn Starch
Colour Green
Capacity 10 Kg
Dimension 19*21 inch
Size Medium
Features 100% compostable
Quantity Per Box 15 Piece
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 2 Ton
Usage/Application Industrial use, Household use, Daily use, Supermarkets, Hotels & Restaurants
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    Features & Advantages of Compostable carry bags

    Some salient features of Compostable carry bags are mentioned below: 

    • Compostable carry bags are manufactured from Corn Starch.
    • These bags are especially designed to be tear-proof and leak-resistant.
    • Compostable carry bags are light weight hence it is easy to handle.
    • These bags break down which means the plastic gets engrossed by the earth.
    • Using Compostable carry bags makes it much easier to recycle.
    • Compostable carry bags are much better for the environment.
    • Using Compostable carry bags removes landfill and the breakdown of toxic gasses.
    • Compostable carry bags have high mechanical strength and help in decreasing thickness of film.

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    Applications of Compostable carry bags

    • Compostable carry bags are used in industrial & domestic applications.
    • Compostable carry bags are used for daily usage to carry groceries.
    • Compostable carry bags find applications in supermarkets, hotels & restaurants.


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