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200GSM HDPE tarpaulin

200GSM HDPE tarpaulin

200GSM HDPE tarpaulin Latest Price

200GSM HDPE tarpaulin Latest Price :
*Prices shown above are provisional prices and may change due to different market conditions. For latest prices please Contact Us at +91 –8369375956 or send an enquiry through the Enquiry Form to get the final price within hours. Please request the updated price list and ready stock information along with your requirement. Welpack Industries Pvt. Ltd. maintains a stock of all standard items and can supply them at the best price.

Specifications of 200GSM HDPE tarpaulin

Product Name 200gsm HDPE tarpaulin
Category Tarp/ Tripal by GSM
Material HDPE
Colour Orange
Packaging Type Bundle
Size 30 x 18 Square Feet
Coated Type PE Laminated
Thickness 1.5 mm
Layer Triple
Technique Woven
Minimum Order Quantity 2 Ton
Usage/Application Industrial
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    Features & Advantages of 200GSM HDPE tarpaulin

    Some salient features of HDPE Tarpaulins are mentioned below: 

    • HDPE Tarpaulins are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene.
    • Provides great tensile strength and puncture resistance.
    • HDPE Tarpaulins are light weight hence it is easy to handle.
    • Offers brilliant flexibility hence suitable to cover uneven shapes.
    • HDPE Tarpaulins are sealed with heat hemming’s that have strong joints.
    • Provided with defensive UV stabilized on both sides that gives it longer life even in sunny environments.
    • HDPE Tarpaulins are fire retardant, resistant to pigments acids, dyes and many other chemicals.
    • 100% water-resistant, leak proof, weatherproof, oil proof and rot proof.
    • HDPE Tarpaulins are easily repairable and cost-effective.
    • Heavy-duty aluminium inactiveness holes – hook fixed.
    • HDPE Tarpaulins are biodegradable and environment friendly.

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    Applications of 200GSM HDPE tarpaulin

    • Biodegradable, waterproof, and durable, 200gsm HDPE tarpaulin serves as a water- and rot-proof cover for various applications.
    • This tarpaulin provides high levels of protection from dust, rainwater, and sunlight. 
    • It can be used in a variety of applications such as outdoor shelters, trucks and tents. 
    • This tarp is perfect for use as a vehicle cover, canopy, tent, on-vehicle cover, and bags, among other things. 
    • Using our 200gsm HDPE tarpaulin, which is lightweight and easy to handle, you can protect food grain fertilizers and emergency shelters from the elements.


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