Smile Mulch film represents the latest innovation in India’s plastic mulching technology. Smile Mulch Film is multi layer film, suited to control weed growth, Insect and pest infestation in agri industry.


  • Conversation of soil moisture which results in decreased number of irrigation and saves energy.
  • Moderates soil temperature by insulating the soil surface.
  • Reduces drowning of crops as the bund remains covered due to which the roots of the plant are not water logged in rainy season.
  • It reduces evaporation of water from soil surface.
  • Reduces soil erosion from wind or water.
  • Controls weed growth under mulch film.
  • Optimum use of water & fertilizers.
  • It enables early and better harvest.
  • Improves quality of produce, reduce fruit rot by eliminating contact between fruit & soil.
  • Provides conductive environment for plant growth.
  • Improves seed germination.